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I am a fan of good movies and there are several that entertain me a lot.   The Green Mile was a story told in a novel format as the book was printed a chapter at a time.  It was made into a movie that had a lot of impact on me and I'm sure a lot of people loved the dramatics and the Sci Fi tied together in one tale.  Turn around the drama of that with the final escape in the Shawshank Redemption and again Steven King's story was made into a great movie.  Both were stories well told.

Today I was channel surfing and ran into the Judgment  at Nuremburg.   I had forgotten the impact of a movie that tied one hell of a story into the reality of the events of the 1930'd and 40's.  I think it has a relationship to what happens with the times of every decade.  Where does the responsibility of the actions of the people belong to the people and just how much belongs to the Government?   When will the Governments of the world stand the ISIS soldiers up and make sure they know that it is their personal responsibility to adhere to how to treat prisoners and not their Wart Leaders.  When will the Muslim leaders stand up and make sure that what they are doing is not in Allah's name but their own twisted way, and that way is wrong.   Just as we stand our Policemen up in front of the Grand Juries and make sure what they do is done right, where is the moral outrage that killing someone over a petty crime is not right.   You know it, I know it and I'll bet every cop with a mother would shake her head and say I didn't raise you that way. 

Even with my mother no longer here, I can hear her say Dennis, that's not the right way.  WWMMD?  What would my Mother Do?  (or Say) is not a bad way to live for me and I'll bet your mother would have the same feelings.

I have made it my goal to say hello to as many different people as I can as I go through my daily activities.  Black, white, brown, male or female are all greeted with the same howdy and I think it has changes me more than the people I meet.  Try it, you too might find that we are a hell of a lot more alike than different. 

MUD - Howdy Neighbor

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