Your Favorite Places

Barb and I will probably make a couple of trips this fall and it makes me wonder what your favorite places are.  I would start at Zion as one of the places I likes the best.  From there, about anyplace would do.

I have it on my bucket list to one day go to Boston and walk the guided tour of historic places.  We had a great visit to Philadelphia one time and i am sure it would be fun to see Boston.

Some day I want to go to Arkansas and see the place where my Grandparents built a house by the Buffalo River.  The Park Service owns it all so there is no house there now and they blocked the roads in and out so it would have to be a foot trip.  Yes, I know I am almost getting too old for that.

A few years back we went up by Susank, KS and found the location where my Grandparents lived on the Shell Oil lease.  Most of it was gone but there were still a few metal buildings where the office was.  Because of the tall grass and all the trash, I was not really in favor of tromping through the buildings.  I remember seeing the hides of several rattlesnakes killed near the bunk house.  

Oh well, this was just a short note about my thoughts on travel.


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