I have finished the 2004 Crown Vic deer impact damage.  It was a lot of work but in the long run it wasn't all that bad.  I do have my share of dings and scrapes on my hands but when did that deter me?

On Wednesday, I smoked a turkey for a couple of hours and then brought it inside.  Early yesterday I cut the turkey up and put it in a pan to heat up for lunch.  It had a nice smoky taste but wasn't too strong.  I also made a big old batch of my garlic smashed potatoes and a side of gravy.  Barb made all the fixin's and man was it all good.  I think we fed 10 people and even sent home a leftover pan with everyone.  We have some leftover pie and some turkey.  The turkey will be made into enchiladas one of these evenings.  I think there was some taters left and I should go up and make some potato pancakes.    

All in all this was a nice Thanksgiving and even if the Cowboys couldn't slow down the winning ways of the Carolina Panthers, the games on TV were pretty good.  Our Hawks won the Maui Invitational  and all was good.  The ladies sat around the kitchen table and played some game that was way beyond my comprehension.  There was some exchange of play money for building rights and I have no idea if or how anyone won. 

We did get to see Kyler and Austin Slavens as they stopped by for a short visit.  They must have been pretty well fed when they got here as they didn't even want a slice of pie.  A couple of young men that won't eat another piece of pie must be a real change.  Heck, I even went up and had pie for a snack and dinner. 

Has anyone out there heard that the Government is recommending that you change your e-mail address?  One of the guys that I sing with gave me his new address because he had changed his old one.  I can understand changing or updating your password and perhaps allowing only your friends to see your posts on Facebook, but changing the whole address? 

The other day, the subject of telephone numbers was discussed and I thought about it and realized that we have had the same address and telephone number for 25 years.  Things have changed but not completely.  When we lost out son to marriage, we gained deer, turkeys and coons to feed.  I am not the least bit sure who is cheaper to feed.  At least the animals can be fed in bulk. 

Oh well, I have a good book to read here on Black Friday.  The weather is iffy out there and it is wet and only a degree or two above freezing.  Don't need to get out and have a traffic accident.


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