This morning I went up to make a pot of coffee.  As I turned to get my coffee cup out of the dish washer, I felt a new twinge in my right knee.  Sure hope it is not a sign of things to come.  I realized that it was a real twinge when I went to fetch the paper.  It caused me to bobble as I bent to pick up the paper.  Not cool to fall down in the driveway.  I pulled it off and didn't fall but there was no one to see so it was not important.

I personally find it difficult to look at the big picture and accept that it is our way to take in more refugees.  Why don't the Syrians stay home and make it work there?  Just because they don't, is it our responsibility to bring them here?  I find it difficult to understand how the current administration can be so confident of their vetting process.  How did the Boston Marathon Bombers slip by the same vetting?  Hell, Major Nadal of Fort Hood fame had a security clearance.  I love my country but don't trust my Government. 

Speaking of My Country, how many new laws do people think will make us safe?  There are more laws now on the books than we can really enforce.  I read that there is a law on the books in California that you can not wear cowboy boots unless you have two cattle.  I wonder how many break this law on a regular basis?  I think there needs to be a regular review of all laws and not new one's.  I am not saying that some tweaking is not needed, but a complete review might keep the congress from looking for new ones.  In fact, I think that the congress needs to look at the budget, job creation and review of the old laws for a session or two and then move on to new things.

Have you had a full belly of the Presidential Candidates yet?  There has been such a flood of lies that they can be glad that the "Pinocchio Effect" is not working or they none of them could get on a plane to fly out to tell more lies.  Barb is kind of mad at me because I don't attack Donald Trump for the outrageous things he says.  What she doesn't know is that I enjoy a person that wants to upset that Washington apple cart.  No, I don't think he can make it work much better that the last four or five Presidents.  I just want people to know that there is more to the office than hot air and Hopey Change. Oh well it will be over in about 12 months.  After a year of Vietnam, I can stand about anything.  I could spend a year in the middle of the street stacking oiled BB's. 

One final note from my exalted podium is the fact that I don't understand all the problems with race relations. After 150 years, you might think that we could find a way for everyone to have a place at our table of abundance.  One thing I hear is that the black students don't feel safe on the campus of our universities.  Huh?  I think the Freshman year is the time that all universities try to week out the less productive but not is a harm way.  I wonder if we have been telling our kids that the only way they can be successful is to go to college.  One of these days we will need to have new plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters.  The houses we have are in need of a lot of work and I am just getting too old to climb up a ladder like I did a few years ago. Those veterans that want to make $15.00 an hour need to use their GI Bill $ to attend trade schools.  I know that after learning about good and hard work, they know the path to success.

If you haven't finished your outside yard work yet, you had better get ready.  This weekend is one of those times that we are promised some really cold and windy weather.  I know the birds are sure eating all the suet and black oil sunflower seeds I put out.  I wonder if some of them just need to move south.  Oh well, Barb and I can afford to feed a few birds and a deer or two. It is those pesky squirrels and  a raccoon or three that I could do without.  It is not so bad that I will resort to thinning out the herd -Yet.

Oh well, better get on with my chores.  I have a couple of hours or so left to finish the Ford.  Thank god, I have bandages on more fingers and need a week or two to let things heal.   One thing I was not ready for was the small particles of glass from the fiberglass front header.  I guess it does need to be still but there needs to be a way to control the loose particles.


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