Great Days in the Heartland

Yesterday I had one of those "Wellness" visits with the Cotton-O'Neil Clinic that is a part of the Affordable Health Care Act.   The only question that kind of made me think hard was have I been depressed in the last couple of months or so.  I, like a lot of people get a little sad that the days are getting shorter.  That is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I told her that the end of the World Series is kind of my marker for it and it pretty much goes away when the KU Hawks start their Basketball season.  This should be another great year and I for one will watch a lot of Hawk Basketball.

Barbara is upstairs making cupcakes for a birthday party.  Our Daughter-in-Law had a birthday this past week and her parents have invited us over for a party today.  It is always great to see that side of the family and to share a good meal and visit with them. 

I still haven't got all the leaves picked up in the yard but the weatherman said it will be great this week through Wednesday.  It will not be hot or too cold and dry is the theme.  The master Gardener says we need some rain so the plants can all go to sleep with their feet wet.  What do I know?

This morning there was a program on our educational channel about Hot Rods.  It seems that a couple bought a 68 Camaro from their son and put a 427 engine in it.  The engine was all souped up and  now they are thinking it needs to be detuned.  Well duh, the 302 V8 they put in the Z28 was about all that car needed to go fast and be streetable.  A 427 is just more engine than a full size car needs.  I am thinking that this next year I am going to buy a crate 350 for the 57.  It will need some upgrade on the brakes and an A/C but then I am going to go for a road trip.  I have seen several programs about Montana and Idaho that just makes me want to go out and see the mountains.   I will probably take Barb to stay with her father while I am off in the mountains.

One of these days I am going to figure out how to make all the electronic devices I have work.  I bought a new controller for the Direct TV and now I have to use the Samsung controller to change the volume of the TV.  Seriously crazy that the simple instructions I have don't seem to work on this model Samsung TV.   OH well.   Hey, Wait, I did find a new app on my phone that will let me search the net using voice.  I am going to learn some new tricks with that and see how that comes out. 

OH well, better get moving.  Have a great day out there.


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