Rainy Monday

The weatherman says we are about to break the drought that has been in place for a month or so.  It has rained a little over night and is supposed to continue most of today and tomorrow.   Barb says the plants should go to sleep with their feet wet so I guess a little moisture is a good thing.

Yesterday I went out in the driveway and stripped most of the broken parts off the Ford.  For some reason the battery is dead this morning and it won't start when I wanted to get it in the garage.  Not sure what I did to cause that but I did notice there is a lot of corrosion on the battery.  Sometime today I will clean that off and see if a little time on the battery charger will do the trick. 

This morning I turned on the TV and what a depressing bunch of news.  There are reports after report concerning what happened in Paris.  They have started interviewing Rock Bands that were scheduled to play there later on this Month.   What I want to know is what the hell the world is doing about this mess and what will be our involvement.   Does it surprise anyone that with the uncontrolled immigration in Europe that there are terrorists sneaking in.  I hope our Government starts to pay attention to this before we have a major event here.  We are a target with a capital "T" to the terrorists and we have some of the loosest borders in the world.  

I am worried that my sense of humor has gone missing.  I realize there is little to smile about right now, but I find it difficult to smile and move on forward.  Oh well, perhaps I wasn't all that smiley earlier and now I am just becoming aware of it. 


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