It was a Draw

The other night, the kindest woman I know hit a deer.  The deer and the car died.  I do think that while Barb is unharmed physically, she is not the same mentally.   I know she spent a lot of time and money helping the critters survive in the winter.  I am pretty sure that the deer she hit was on the trail cam a time or two.   He had a deformed antler on one side and was fairly easy to spot. 

As to the car, the insurance company notified us that they were going to send us a check as the car is only good for salvage.  I am torn about what to do.  In the past, I would have just put a new front end of the ford and driven it.  I am not sure I have the ability to wrestle the parts off the car and fix it so it is safe and drivable.  The jury is still out on that.   I know there are thousands of Crown Vic's out there that would be good donor cars.  Perhaps by Monday I will talk to the local salvage and see what is out there.   Barb doesn't want me to drag a donor car here and have one more piece of yard art. 

The other problem we have is that her car is almost beyond the expiration date also and I am pretty sure that it won't make it a long time.  Oh well, I guess I have wanted to fix the turn signals for a while and now seems like a good time.

The other day I heard a good joke.  A good friend of mine was in Target buying some dog food.  A lady in line behind him asked if he had a dog.  A 50 lb. bag of Purina should have been a sign but my friend reported the "Rest of the Story."  He turned to the woman and said, " Oh no, this is for me as I have been on the Purina diet for weeks. I put a handful in my pocket and when I get hungry, I just nibble a few chunks.  I have lost 50 lbs. and am resupplying my stock after getting out of the hospital."  The Lady asked, "Did the diet put you in the Hospital?"   He replied, "Oh no, I stopped to pee on a fire hydrant and a car hit me."  He is not sure he is welcome back in Target.

Oh well, live can be funny if you can laugh at it.


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