Leaf Duty

What do you do in the fall if you have trees completely surrounding your house?  Yep'er Skippy, rake leaves.  I bought one of those machines that picks up the leaves and found that it really doesn't do as good a job as I would like because it doesn't fit in between the trees well.  I did go buy some tubing that extended the reach so I could drive it where I needed it and then pick up the piles of leaves. 

Last night we went to Lawrence to see the 2016 Hawks open their season.  They went about beating the Pittsburg State Gorillas in a very workmanship manner.  I am not sure why but there wasn't much energy on the floor or in the stands.  Even the student section cleared out with at least five minutes left in the game.  We were on the bus back to the parking lot when the game ended.   When Tyler Self and Evan Manning show up on the floor you know the game is over.   It was more fun watching the crowd acting interested than the game at times. 

When my cousin and his family moved to Denver in the late 50's, they moved to Arvada, Colorado.  For the years in between, 6822 Moore Street had a Petty family living there.  Starting tomorrow, my aunt will move into an assisted living home in Westminster.  It will be strange to not want to go by there.  I think My car could find the way without the Garmin telling me to turn around as early as possible.

Today should be one of the last days with the temperatures in the 70's.  Last night there was a cloud cover and at 10 PM it was still in the 60's.  T-Shirt weather at night in November was strange.  I wonder how soon Barb and I will need a keeper.  On our way out of the parking lot, I turned on to hear the radio station interview the players.  Barb asked me if the game was on AM or PM?  I almost ran off the road laughing.  The good thing is that she laughed too.  The funny part is that I knew what she meant. 

OK friends, I had better get out and get capturing those pesky leaves.


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