I am not French

It had been my experience that the French tourists are the most rude people I have ever met.  In Germany I had to block French Tourists from pushing Barbara away from the Continental Buffet table.  In Morocco, a French Tourist group split our group apart and then stopped blocking the way so we could get back together. I had to force my way through them to get just up the aisle. We have bailed their bacon out of the fire twice and may be looking down the barrel a third time.  Don't ask me to put their colors on my picture.   Step up to the plate and fix your problems.  We have our own problems to fix.

It is real popular here in Kansas to tell the Feds that they can't transfer the GITMO prisoners to Leavenworth.   That is a dangerous game with the Government looking for ways to cut Federal Spending.  Just what the heck do Kansan's think will happen if the Federal Dollars go away?  Do you think that K-State can support Manhattan (Little Apple)  and Junction City all by itself?   They could easily close the Federal Prison at Leavenworth and McConnell AFB.  All they would have to do is call it BRAC and poof, they could be gone.  I lived in Leavenworth for about 5 years and not once did I ever hear that the quality or quantity of the people behind the prison walls is a threat to us.   In fact that Major that killed all those soldiers at Fort Hood is there right now. 

Today I will start stripping off parts of the Ford to see just how bad the damage really is.  I will start with the hood and then go to the front fascia to see what supports are bent bad enough to not be able to fix the problems.  It will be a lot of work but any dollar I can save putting it back together will be a good deal.  I know there are a lot of Crown Vics out there and parts should be fairly cheap.  Even replacement parts aren't all that bad.   Besides, it will keep me off the streets and out of trouble.

Oh well, better get rolling, lots to do - even if there is plenty of time to get them done.


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