Has it been that Long?

This week has been one with a lot of hours in the garage piecing the Crown Vic apart and now back together.  I just don't have the will power to spend hours out in a cold garage so I don't get an early start on things.  I don't think that there will be many more 70 degree days so I guess I will just have to dress a little more warm and get on it.

Yesterday we had dinner with my son's in-laws.  One of the dinner discussion items was that almost everyone in the family wants our son Dave to come over and debug their computer.  Barb needs to upgrade her operating system, I have a few bugs between the Microsoft server and Firefox and his mother-in law needs to have her printer hook up redone.  It is amazing how we for the most part can work around the small problems but a good hand on the computers is always welcome.

This last week, a Grand nephew in Shawnee, KS sent me a letter he wrote for his social studies class.  The assignment was to write a member of the family that was a veteran and to thank them for their service.  I started the thank you letter three times before I realized that he probably didn't need a preachy response.   I did manage to keep it to two pages but in the end I probably did resort to some level of preaching.  How can an old blogger like me not turn "Dutch Uncle" when given the chance.

For the most part I just shared a short history of my service and one short story about a 2nd Lieutenant that took out a helicopter with a .50 caliber Machine gun.  He walked into the rotor blade with the barrel of the gun and I am pretty sure that he killed that bird,  He escaped death only by luck. 

I did share with him that I do not understand what caused people to hate each other, only that I am a part of the system that prays for peace and prepares for war.  I mentioned that I read that the only way people change behavior was to experience a Significant Emotional Event (SEE) I also shared that I have only found one or two times in the history of the world that a SEE did not include a WAR.  I am doing my best to not let hate be the reason I want a war with those that hate us.  That is circular reasoning that gets us into more wars than I can count.  It wasn't until years later that I began to realize that the North Vietnamese soldiers were just fighting their form of a Civil War just as we did in the 1860's. 
We were told that it was to keep Communism from spreading and now we can see that it was nothing more than a failed plan and even China is more democratic than they understand.  Now if we could just get North Korea to understand that both sides are just Koreans that want to be at peace and not at war.  I hope they understand that before they strike out into a war.  That part of the world worries me.  But what part doesn't.

Oh well, lunch time and I am getting hungry because of the roast in the crock pot cooking upstairs.  Better go get something done. 


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