Well Almost

We had about 10 people over for Thanksgiving dinner and sent home leftovers.  Last night we had smoked turkey enchiladas and are nearing the end of the leftovers.  I thin one batch of white chili and the turkey will be gone.  I used up a bunch of the mashed potatoes making a potato soup and haven't really looked to see if there are veggies and green bean casserole left.  Oh well, I have plenty of food so no one will starve.

The weather here is kind of strange.  Just a hundred miles west of ere there is pretty bad icing and we are having rain with temperatures supposed to get to about 40 today.  I think the girls want top go shopping about noon and I think Barb wants me to drive them.  She may be taking me along to pay but I am not sure.  If we pick them up around noon we will probably go out to lunch.  There is a new Oriental restaurant I may be able to talk them in to visiting.  I have eaten there and it has all new dishes and the food was pretty good. 

Well, it seems that the Kansas City Chiefs were winners yesterday.  Even the Denver Bronco's managed to pull out a win as they slipped and slid in the snow.  I'll bet their field is a horrible mess today and don't envy their groundskeepers the job of putting it back into shape.  Tonight I sing with the Barbershop Chorus and tomorrow night we have tickets to the Hawks game in Lawrence.  As a matter of fact, I can't remember a December that has more things going on.  I think we have even given up our tickets to see the hawks play in the Sprint Center in KC.  Oh well, I think there is even a trip to Oklahoma in there.

I have decided that before we take off on our Oklahoma trip I am going to put a new set of tires on the Crown Vic.  I will also throw in an oil change and transmission fluid change in there to make it all good.  I did put one of those fuel treatments in last week and I can't tell yet if it has really made a big difference.  Perhaps today or tomorrow I will be able to tell. 

One of these days, I will figure out insurance companies.  After giving me $3,300 to fix the Ford, they will only give me liability insurance on it.  Seems like they want me to take any extra money and throw it away.  Oh well.  After 130,000 miles, it has a pretty low book value.  I know they aren't very many used Crown Vic's on the used car lots so perhaps I will need to be looking for a replacement that is different.  I do get sticker shock every time I look at the price of newer cars in the paper.   It is not a matter that we can't afford it, it is the fact that I am by nature cheap.  Throw Barb into the deal we was are pikers. 

I guess I had better get a move on and get something done.  Not sure what that may be but hey, I am a multi talented guy. 


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