Here We Go Again!

Out there is the world of Facebook, is a post telling us about how things are better after 7 years of Obama.  From an purely economic sense there are improvements in a lot of those indicators.  My question is what the hell happened to all the great changes we were going to have in Race relations and how the world perceived the USA?   Let me start with an incident that happened last night.

I sing in a Barbershop Chorus that has only two black members.  One of those is the director and these guys are great people to know and sing with.  At our break, the subject of the problems going on in Missouri came up.  I said that everyone knows that Missouri is still fighting the Civil War and the attitude on the Campus of the University of Missouri makes a lot of people hate them.  The Antlers, a section of the fans from the University of Missouri would be thrown out of the stadium at KU.  They are so obnoxious that there was a sigh of relief when they went away from the BIGXII. 

One of our new members said he had been a professor at the University of Missouri for many years and he loved the campus and was proud to be Tiger.  He did say that one time when his daughter was much younger she wore a KU shirt into a restaurant in Columbia.  He said there were several adults that said rude things to her and he was kind of taken back.  I thought that the attitude there was what I had seen several times.  In my travels all over the USA I see a lot of pride in the State and the Local teams but seldom do I see the kind of open hostility towards fans of other teams.  I have traveled to Texas, Oklahoma Nebraska and never seen that kind of open disagreement.  Even a Jay Hawk in Manhattan doesn't cause that big a fuss.  (Of course I don't go there during football season)

OK here is my bottom line.  The Civil War was over about 150 years ago.  It is about time for us all to wake up, get out of bed and know that we are all here on this earth to do what is fair and good.  I don't care if you are black white, brown or red, get on with life and don't blame other people for where you are in life.  I promise you that I did not cause you to be advantaged or disadvantaged.  Where you live is not important to me. What you do in your home is not important to me.  I surely hope that other than my being a KU fan, I try to not be obnoxious about it.  I wish you the same.

As for the President being black, I don't care.  I don't agree with his policies and will be glad to see him gone from office.  I want him to go on and live the rest of is life and make lots of money telling people good things.  I would be sad if anyone thought that in any way I would not wish him well and would want hurt to fall on him or his family.  I for one would not want to have the responsibility for that office and am not sure that I know anyone I would wish it on.  OK, I would love to see Donald Trump try to change Washington.    Kind of like my comment back a few years.  "What will we do when we realize that it took a Dictator like  Hussein to keep IRAQ from falling apart?"  Oh well,  we are a long way from that and only a few months from a new leader.  I wish us well.


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