Funny Story of the Day

As you have read many times on this blog I am the Head laborer here at Rabbit Run. A part of that job entails meeting or exceeding the expectations of the master Gardener.  Earlier this year I bought a leaf rake that hooks on behind the new mower.  I went out and mowed the field at a very low height and collected all the clippings.  After spreading them on the part of the garden that was fallow this last year, I went to the local dairy to get a load of manure. 

After getting the pickup loaded up, I told the Dairy manager that it would make the master gardener happy to have that to add to the compost I put on the garden.  He said that I must be a lucky guy because a lot of wives would ask for a divorce when they are given a load of crap.  He said I should hang on to a wife that is happy with a load of manure. I agree.

Tonight we will go to Lawrence to watch the Hawks men's basketball team kick off their season.  It will be only a game against one of the State universities but should be fun none the less.  Next year I am going to get involved in the seat selection.  Again we are separated by a row.  OK, after being married for 46  years it is not a big deal to be separated for an hour or so.  I can see her from where she is seated so no big deal.   This is the team that went to Korea and won the World University Games.  Should be a great season.  Now if they can do what the Royals did.

How much money would someone have to have paid me to go stand in a crown of 800,000 to see the Royals be recognized as winners?  It was a wonderful day here in the Heartland and might have been a good day to be outside.  I was out and shoveling manure but at least it made Barb happy.  I guess I am just getting old.  Not such a bad gig when you consider the alternative.

Oh well, it is already 60 so I had better get ready to go collect some leaves.

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