Busy Week

Barb and I compared our schedule this morning and found that we both have a full schedule and they for the most part don't fit.  I did get up and clean the kitchen this AM, but after cooking breakfast I have a full sink of dishes.  I guess that's the problem with my cooking.  I tend to make a lot of food and a mess at the same time.  One time my daughter-in-law was talking with one of her work friends.  She said she wasn't the greatest cook.  Her friend asked her what she did when her husband Dave said  he wanted a good home cooked meal.  She replied that it was easy , they would go to my house.   I always try to cook great meals when we have an audience.  

Tonight is going to be a fun time.  We have a great friend arriving at MCI at 6:30 and KU tickets at 7:00.  Clearly we will have to make a decision what we are going to do.  I told Gerald's wife that I would give him three choices.  a. Go straight to the KU game and see the second half.  b.  go to a good BBQ restaurant for some BBQ, c. Got to his brother's house so he can get some rest after a many hour flight.  I tell you that I would have a tough time making that choice.  The good news is he is young enough to fly for over 12 hours and then go watch a ball game.  We'll see.  The good news is that the ribs can always be eaten after the game.   Some time during the game I do need to drop off some tickets to Donna so she can pass the on to Jennifer in Kansas City.  Will be a tricky swap but no tall step for a tall stepper. 

The only sad thing this year is that our friend Gerald is rushing home because his father is ill and they are not sure how much longer he can survive.  Nothing puts a damper on the Holiday Season than the potential loss of a parent.  I know he has a strong faith and he will get through this tough time and come out the far side in good shape.

The other day I saw a post by the daughter of one of my good friends.  It had a picture of Ron putting on a tie.  He had someone helping him as he and I share a hatred of ties.  I made a snarky comment and Ron's sister chimed in and sent me a friend request.  The really neat part is that June married a fellow who's last name is May.  Yep she is now June May.  I love that name even if it will screw up my months again.  As a Kid we sang "Shine on Harvest Moon, I ain't had no loving since January, February, June or July."  Musically it was great, but not what the teachers wanted me to parrot back to them.   Whatever, I hope June has a great life.

I guess if I am going to get everything done today a good place to start is here. 


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