I have a friend that is afraid to retire because he doesn't think he has enough to do to stay busy.  What a dumb head.  It doesn't take long to find out that you will fill your time with the things you enjoy and it is all good.   I have a couple of hobbies (This is one) and singing is the other.  Throw in a little maintenance on the rentals and I have all I need to do.  OK, throw in a KU Basketball game or two and the wintertime just keeps getting better and better.

Today there was a program about car shows on TV and Barbara talked about how expensive that hobby is.  Throw in a major purchase once and a while and I'll bet in the long run the Master Gardner purchases almost cost as much.  Well, perhaps not quite as much.  But does she get to drive her bags of mulch?

How on God's Green Earth can the President not classify the San Bernardino attack anything but Terrorism?   What planet is he living on?  Oh I know, the one that is melting from Global Warming.  Anytime someone tells you they can cure a problem by Taxing it, LOOK OUT!  The biggest part of the lie is they say they will return the costs to the taxpayers.  They can't pay their bills now and want another source of revenue?  Just who do you think will pay the higher utility costs?  Yep'er Skippy - You and Me.  Does drinking the cool-aid made with the water from the Potomac River  make you stupid or do they think we are stupid because we don't?  

I saw a picture on Facebook where the President has Gabby Gifford in for a chat about how they can take the guns away from the people that are not within the Law.  Good question, but that's where you need to start.  I vote for them to start in Chicago and see what that would cost.  Some of the toughest Gun laws are in California and we saw what good those Laws did.  For those of you that think that taking our guns away I offer you the only solution.  Change the Constitution.  When the 2nd amendment goes away, I will consider telling everyone to turn in their guns.  Ain't gonna happen McGee.

Oh well, going to Lawrence to watch the kids play basketball.  Should be a fun game as Harvard is a 22 point  underdog.  I am looking for a 100 point day from the hawks. 


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