What a Great Day

On Saturday, our Barbershop Chorus sang at 7 older adult Care Facilities here in Topeka.  We sang at two of the places for two different groups so it was really 9 performances.  The part that made it great for me was that we sang "Mary Had a Baby" each time.  The first line is a Baritone only line " Mary Had a Baby."  As the only Baritone I sang it as a solo It was just a great sound and as the song ends, the last notes were a Baritone and Bass combination that just rocked.  It didn't hurt that the best Bass in the chorus was right next to me and he and I blended it together the best I have ever heard it.  You should have been there.   I am sure we spread the joy of the Holidays across the city of Topeka.

On Sunday morning, my computer monitor just went black.  No matter what I did to the computer, it went black and stayed there. It normally only shuts off when the computer does.  I was at Walmart and called Dave to see what he recommended to replace it with.  He asked me the question about if I had tried to manually turn it on?  Well DUH Dennis, I hadn't.  I went home and guess what?  it turned on and everything is fine.  There is some truth in the age old adage, try the simple things first.  (Then call you son it that doesn't work)  I guess I raised him right and he has continued to grow from there.  I love my son Dave and I will probably buy him that new Video Card with the money we saved.

After singing all over Topeka, I knew that going to the Sprint Center to see the hawks would just be more than I could do.  We stayed home and watched it on TV.   My Niece Jennifer snagged some tickets from other friends and took several members of the family.  I was very pleased that Asa and Julia got to see the Hawks play one of the finest games this year.  If you saw them at the University games in Korea, you will know that they sand bag at the first of the game and then run the wheels off the other team at the end.  They did just that and it was one of the best halves of the year.  I just hope thy don't dig too deep a hole later on.  Oh well, they have the muscle and guns to win.

Today in the paper a young lady asked dear Abby (Or her replacement) if she thought she should sue the rapist that had hurt her many years ago.  Well, she did admit that the guy is dead now.  It is clear that suing a dead person is the height of folly.   Boys and Girls, taking someone to court is pretty silly unless the value of the damage is pretty great.  There is a pretty good chance that the court and a jury doesn't think the damage done is as much as you do.  There is an old saying that I use.  It is pretty much like wetting your pants in a dark suit.  It gives you a warm feeling but no one but you notices.

Our Christmas theme this year is Star Wars.  It is pretty cute and Barbara found some lights to spell out the words, "May the force be with you."  We have about 25 of the original Star Wars characters and they are on the tree.  Yes, I will be one of the people that will see the new Stars Wars movie over the Holiday season. 

I had better get moving before I become stuck in place here on this chair.  It probably does need replaced as my present to myself. 


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