Can this be the year?

After 11 years of winning the Big 12 championship in Men's Basketball, can this be the year they don't?  Last night we saw the play a team from Harvard that out rebounded them and out hustled them at almost every position.  They were a 22 point favorite by Las Vegas standards.  They were lucky to escape with a win at home.  Sheesh!

Do you think there is a conscious link between our dreams and reality?  I know I haven't practiced my Christmas songs enough and dreamed that I was totally unprepared at a practice.  This next week we will sing for one Older Adult Care Facility and then on Saturday we will sing at seven.   Better get ready and not stress my voice out too much.  If I were singing Bass, I would be fine but as a Baritone it is right at the top of my normal vocal range.  

Do you have a calendar that you put all you appointments on?  Ours is getting fuller by the day.  Right now the only blank spots are between Christmas and New Years Day.  I will buy another one of those Shriner's Calendars again this year.  They are going to have drawings to give you a chance to win a small amount of money.  So far this year I haven't won anything but I also buy Lottery Tickets.  At least this is money for a good purpose. 

I took the Crown Vic to a local tire shop this week.  I decided that they are the one's that fix all my implement tires so they should get my business.  I told the owner what I wanted and he priced the tires 4 ways.  He started to tell me about the choices.  He was surprised when I bought the best set.  In fact I asked him to not tell me about the real cheap set.  I want to make sure that we have a really good set when we are out killing deer.  (that was a joke, I hope we never hit another one)

The paper had an article today about the fact that in 1947, it was reported that there were no deer in Kansas.  That is not the deal today.  I read that about 140,000 licenses were issued and almost a deer was harvested for each one.  Not here at Rabbit Run but I do hope the population doesn't continue to grow. 

Oh well, on to better things.


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