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OK, it is the last post of 2015.  We will soon be in the middle of 2016 and wonder where the last year went.  This year has flown by and we have managed as a family to wear out most of two cars.  I will go pick up Dave's car from the dealership and see if there is any hope by changing the oil we can get a few more thousand miles out of it.  I think that at 88,000 miles that little Caviler is way over its limit.  Both of our cars have had a deer strike this year and at least the Ford is still running well.  Dave's car, not so much.

A little while ago, I asked Barb what she was going to do today and she said not much.  She did un-decorate the Christmas tree and I took the carcass out side.  I think about June we will finally stop having dried needles found in the  corners of the dinning room.  Probably will be when I try to clean up all the needles from the fern that normally sits in the corner.  We just got all the blooms from the Christmas cactus picked up when we put the Christmas Tree up.  Oh well, we neither one are picky about what lives near the dust bunnies (Thank God)

For the last couple of days, out 'nother daughter Mel from Texas has been here with her two dogs.  They are so much better managed now than they were the last time they were here.  One of the dogs is deaf and doesn't know just how loud she barks.  Other than that they have been fun to have to pet and play with. 

I am thinking about how we can get the word out about singing valentines.  In years past it worked well and paid a good return on out efforts.  Last year not so much.  I think if we get an early start on putting up fliers and getting the word out we can make it pay.  If not, I think this may be the last year for it.

What would you do if you found that your hobby is on a death spiral. Our Barbershop Chorus membership is not near what it was and I have heard that our director may be leaving in April. If he leaves, that may be the end unless we can find a director that really wants to lead a bunch of old geezers.  I know what we need is a bunch of young blood to join us but not sure how to make that work. 

Oh well, better shut this down and get working on my plan for next year.


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