Great times

Yesterday I picked up a great friend at the KC Airport.  He has been in Morocco and I thought it appropriate to greet him with a rack of ribs.  Then we went to Lawrence and saw the second half of the KU game with Holy Cross.  Holy Cross is a team that beat Harvard that last week gave KU fits.  The Hawks put on a display of what shooting and defense can do.  Gerald was in Hog heaven as a KU fan.  I hope we can be as much fun for his family when they come in next week. The only sad part of this whole adventure is that Gerald's father is not doing well and it is happening when the majority of us are looking forward to having a happy holiday. 

This week we had a discussion about the impact on our retirement savings once we start making the mandatory withdrawals.  The temptation I have is to have the withholdings made as quarterly withdrawals and just to send the money to the IRS.  I think it will about be what we would have to pay extra on the 15th anyway.   It just hits Barb wrong that all the money we have saved for retirement should just go to the Government.  I tend to agree but can't argue with the fact that we all must throw in some taxes to make it more fair. 

How well do you read your e-mail.  This week I sent a message out to the normal cast for the Barbershop practice schedule.  We have about 45 names on the list but only have about 25 actual singers.  I think I am going to start paring people off the list to see who notices. 

 On the subject of today's communications, how has it impacted you on a personal level?  I think we stay in touch much better but it is not as personal in a lot of cases.  I do get to see a lot more pictures of the newest members of friend and family.  That does brighten my day.  I will admit that I haven't written very many letters this past year.  I did write to a grand nephew that had written to me as a social studies project. 

If you don't hear from me much over the next couple of weeks, I am like you going to be pretty busy. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and  Happy New year.  If that is not what you want to hear, change it to an appropriate greeting in your language or religion.


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