Monday Tidings

Did you ever wonder what the heck tidings are?  Oh well, they sound good in Christmas songs.  The question from a Jewish mother was what to do when someone wishes her Merry Christmas.  I say she should wish them a Mazel Tov or Shalom.  (I would say happy honnicah if I could get spell checker to get me closer than this.  It offered happy Monica but I am pretty sure that is not right.)  It is like that greeting of Happy Holidays that the Political Correctness Police are trying to get us to use.  Dad would say whatever floats your boat.  Me, I try to not let happy greetings not change what I say of do.

This morning I am working on the Christmas songs we will be singing the rest of the week. One night this week we will be singing for an Older Adult Care home and then on Saturday we will sing for 7 more.  I sure hope we can all last that long.  I am working on a program to help me improve my voice by a guy named Roger Love.  I feel better after I have warmed up but an mot completely there yet.  My real goal is to be ready for the singing valentines and then the Brigade Roundup in Texas in April.  

One of my friends posted a picture of a young Pilot and his wife today on Facebook.  The young man was killed yesterday in a crash on the other side of the world.  I will promise you that carbon footprints are far lower on my list of important things than terrorism or the potential of War.  It really scares me when I hear the President and the Secretary of State tell us that our use of fossil fuels will get us to hell quicker than anything.  I really get my hackles rankled when people say Donald Trump says the most stupid things.  I think he may be 4th but I have candidates for number 1-3.   They all have been candidates for or are the President.

I hope that the small water leak under the Ford is not a major thing.  I noticed it needed a lot of antifreeze the other day so I guess I will really need to get out and find the leak.  I don't know if it is related to the high miles on the engine or the deer strike.  Either way, I need to get on it today.  We are going to have temperatures in the 50's all week.

Have a great day out there. 


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