Crap, Oh Dear,

After putting the car back together, I took it to one of the local Lube Shops to have the oil changed.  I was reminded that the Transmission fluid and fuel filter needed to be changed and I had them do both along with the normal oil change.  On our way to the Basketball game in Lawrence, the car died in the little town od Stull.  Fuel was leaking out on the road and it would not run.  Clearly something had gone wrong.  I had it towed home and I got under the car to see what the heck had happened.  One of the hoses on the upside of the fuel filter had an obvious cut in it and it had burst and was leaking.  All it took was a 5 inch of new hose to make it all well.   The really bad news was that we missed the first game of the new KU player.

Oh well, Today I am going to put a new set of tires on the Ford and perhaps take a road trip.  Other than that, I am taking the day off.  Seems like I have been way too busy for about a week and last night after singing the National Anthem for the Road Runner Hockey game I fell asleep long before 9 PM.  Oh well, I am glad that I still have enough energy to get it all done.

For some reason this year I have kind of a renewed joy about things.  I know that there are a lot of negative things out there but I will quit worrying about things globally.  On the local level, I am really happy to see the kids on Facebook and in person. 

Better get rolling and see if I can get a lot done today.


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