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I would normally not read the editorial page in the paper.  Mostly I read the sports pages, the advice column and the funny paper page.  This morning I did read an article on the bottom of the page written by a 41 year old black lady.  She said to not make a New Year's resolution as that can make it way to hard to stay positive.

I kind of boiled it down to Plan Annually but act daily.  We really can only control life one day at a time so we should try to live that way.  After many years of sobriety doing just that, I can attest that it just feels right to me.   Did you notice that there was a mention of an annual goal setting in my advice? 

 I know a lot of people that just live life on a daily basis.  Their problem is that they don't have a rudder on their ship to change direction.  They are a lot like a big ship headed to a dock and it is mostly luck if they stop where they need to stop and go only where they were pointed.

Here are a few of the areas you need to put in your plan:

Mental Health -  We are all a little crazy, so try to not focus on it.  Being overly concerned can make you crazy.  A good smile period will do wonders.  If you can't work up a smile, you seriously need to see a Doctor.  Drugs and Therapy can help.

Financial -  I boil this down to do what you did, and you will get what you got.  If you don't have a plan on where you are going, how can you get anywhere near a forward direction.

Physical - When I was young, I could generally get back in shape in the early spring and be good all summer.  Now it is taking longer to get into shape that the time left in the summer.  Did I mention that I hate to get old.  The only problem is that I love to live and these two kind or work against each other.  See number one.

Daily plan - If you don't act like what you are doing is important, how can you ever reach success.  Yes, I realize that now that I am retired it is easy for me to say but I really did work near the end of my career towards my goals with a daily plan.  I didn't always reach what I wanted but it beat the hell out of the alternative.

Family - The only thing worse than being on your own is acting like your support group won't help. The success for me this Christmas season wasn't the gifts, it was the people.  You want to catch my eye on Facebook?  Post pictures of the kids you spend time with.  I don't care about your new car or the new toys for Christmas, It is the genuine smiles on the faces. 

Now get out there and see if a focus on today can make your days better.  Whatever happens in the future will happen in the future. 


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