Busy Week

How do I tell someone that is sending multiple posts of Facebook that if I wanted to read all the stuff he is posting, I would look it up to start from the original location.  I do appreciate the information from time to time that he provides, but the multiple posts makes him look like he had nothing to do but copy and paste crap from other people.   I want him to post original crap from him not OPC (Other People's Crap)  Did I just coin a term that is worthy of Facebook?   Might give it a try.

The other morning on the news in Tulsa, one of the on air personalities said there is a study out that says that married people eat more regularly and together and increases their Body Mass Index.  So the real question women should ask their husbands is "Do you make my butt look fat."  That equally applies to men but most men don't really care.  In fact increases in Body Mass for me means that my belly helps push my pants down from the front and my skinny white boy butt could use some augmentation to help hold the pants up. 

Today is the Petty Family Christmas in Kansas City.  It will cause us to miss part of or all of the Hawks game in Lawrence.  The only good part is that I know there will be a TV in KC that probably will carry the game.  Besides that, the chances of KU losing a game in Allen Field House (aka the PHOG)  is fairly low.

Oh well, Better get moving and go take care of Petty Gang Business.


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