Happened Again

One of my rental houses is vacant right now and it is in need of a lot of TLC to return it to good shape.  I think I am going over in a little while to see what needs done the most.  I might start with taking the trailer over so I will have a place to put some of the trash that got left.  I had a deposit on the house but cut it in half a years back or two and now I wish I had just evicted them when I had enough money to do some rehab.  One of the things I need to do is to change the locks.  I bought a set of locks that allow me to change the keys without replacing the locks so that should be fairly easy.

Did you get everything you needed for Christmas?  I only needed some black socks and got them.  Everything else is just added stuff to my accumulation of what we already have. No, wait, I did get a screwdriver that switches bits.  The good news is that I have a bit set to replace any of the bits if they wear out.  One of the first things someone did at the Christmas party was to push the disassemble button and after spending quite a while, I got it back together.  Only one small problem.  There was a very small magnet that also fell out and I had no clue where it went.  The good news was that after spending a half an hour, I managed to find out where it went. Now all is fine.

The weather here in the Heartland is predicted to give us 4 - 8 inches of snow starting some time today.  I will need to fire up the tractor once or twice and make sure it will do the job if I need to push snow out of the drives.   Dave's drive has a row of cedar trees along the west side of the drive and generally drifts shut if it snows and blows.  The wind is blowing right now and I am pretty sure that it will continuer doing so. 

We had a nice surprise on Christmas day.  Our friends from Morocco stopped by as they were rushing to see all the people that want to see them.  They are here for only a week or so.  Gerald's father is not doing well and they wanted to get back and see him at least one more time.  Their girls are growing up.  Their youngest is in the 7th grade.  They are headed into the teeth of the bad weather as they are traveling to Meade, KS.  I hope they made it safely there yesterday.  I just got a Facebook post from a niece that is traveling back from Texas today and she said they are driving into a tsunami.
Glad to be home safely.

Oh well, better get my act together and get on with the day.


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