Only 4 days left

Christmas will be here in only 4 more days.  I still haven't been able to discern what to get Barbara.  The temptation is to buy her some warm clothes and move on.  I want a coat but I don't want to have someone else buy it for me.  I need to be there to try it on so I can be sure it fits.  I, like most of you probably fluxuate 10 to 15 lbs. from summer to winter.  I can wear a XL(T) for a jacket but when you put a sweater or a sweatshirt under a coat I need a 2XL(T).  

What do you think the protocol on posting pictures in Facebook?   Barb does not tag anyone's pictures and that makers it hard for interested family members to know who the heck everyone is.  My problem is that I even had to stop and ask Barb who some of them are.  Then again, I am not going to use the pictures for anything else.   My memory is far from complete and accurate as it once was.

Speaking of memory, the other day at the Christmas party we played a computer aided game and I picked the category music.  It was all pop music and I could not even begin to name the songs let alone know that snoop dog did anything but rap crap. 

The other day, someone put in the paper that there have been sighting of very large cats a little north of here.   It should not surprise anyone that with the large number of deer here in the heartland that we would have the number two predator to deer nearby.  Actually number three.  Number one is Cars, number two is hunters and number three is mountain lions or cougars. 

I have to agree that times here in the Heartland are getting harsh.  Our death toll in Shawnee County is 14 which is double that of last year.  I think there was only one death related to gang violence . 
The rest were family violence.    When we can't make peace or walk away from a confrontation with family, there has to be a lot wrong.

I hate to say this but I feel that with the large number of people in the USA that could do a great job as President, the candidates we have are inadequate.   But with that said, there are a lot more people in the Congress that need replaced to make it all work out.  We need a couple of cycles of not electing the incumbents to clean up the mess.  I want someone there that understands that all of the money belongs to the people and not to be given freely to others.  If it is important that we spend only what we take in, the fact that there needs to be compromise should be no secret.  In my perfect world, I would put Dave Ramsey in charge of the Budget.  Then, I would make it illegal for the congress to overspend the budget. 

Oh well, better get moving on for the day.


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