Be a part of the Solution

I have not said enough about the BD teacher at Berryton. Mr D is a great guy that works his butt off and you can tell he is just a natural person that truly likes the kids. One day last week he was leaning on the door as an in-school suspension student kicked the other side of the door and calmly talked to a little girl about her problems. My natural tendency would have been to open the door and shout at the kid on the floor but I am learning. I guess it is kind of like being in the middle of an operations center when all heck breaks loose and being able to remember who is doing what and where.
Being a Substitute Para, I feel kind of like that guy that goes to the prom but really hates to dance. When the phone rings in the morning, it means someone wants me. They need me and I am kind of child like and excited to go. When it doesn't ring, I feel a little deflated and sad. I should be glad to have the day off because I have two major projects to complete today but I feel somehow less loved. (well, liked would be more appropriate)
Now, back to the Title subject. I think one of the things we should all do is go to our schools and get involved with the lives of the kids there. About 50% of the kids today are from broken homes and need a positive male role model. Don't get me wrong, they have a lot of positive female influence but it just doesn't hurt to have male role models. If you have high school diploma, you can be a substitute Para-professional. If you have an Associates Degree you can be a substitute teacher (I have applied for this certification but don't have it yet) If you just want something in your life that makes it worth while, volunteer. It is way too easy to complain about the problems in our society and not to do something to help. One trip to the BD room and you will come away with an appreciation of how much they need your positive help.
On the subject of money, I really don't even know how much I am making per hour. I am probably making less than Barb does at her second job but I'm in this for more than the money. In fact, I think I will go to the store and get some muffins and take them to the school secretaries that call the para subs. It never hurts to have your name known by the people that actually call. I figure there are between 9 and 14 para's at the four elementary schools and someone is probably absent each day. When I get my teaching certificate multiply that to over 20 and I should be pretty busy.
If you see an old grey haired guy walking down the halls of your local schools with a goofy smile on his face, it is probably me or someone like me that is getting younger by the day just for being with the little guys and gals. I even learned about the WWE and some of the wrestlers. You might be better for the effort.
Think Globally but act locally. Dennis

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  1. I wrote you this wonderful long response yesterday on your blog. I clicked post and it disappeared. It was a cool response with all kind of neat quotes. And poof...lost in cyberspace. So, I will try again tomorrow or the next day and try to put something similar on here. Until the just know I enjoy reading.
    Love you.
    Your favorite neice.