What the hell is the meeting over the holocaust doing being held in a Moslem Country. That is like having the KKK meeting to figure out what the reparations for Slavery should be. Duh, people who hate can't be trusted to tell or understand the truth.
I have really about had it with the people that think 9/11 was a hoax. 3,000 of our fellow Americans died. More than the number that died in Pearl Harbor. Any one that thinks our government is capable of pulling off something of that magnitude without the whole world knowing in a nano-second is just stupid. Kind of like the Help Desk attendant telling someone to box up their computer and sending it back because they are just plain too stupid to use one.
Lets see, the earth had an ice age and a hot age where oceans covered Kansas. Now man thinks he is so damned important that he can cause Global Warming. Heck, cows create more methane gas than all the cars. Give me a big bowl of beans and I contribute my share.
The Democrats are welcome to Washington. I'll bet they don't cut one tax or rate. Let them see what a tar baby Iraq is and we'll see how long they can ignore North Korea and Iran.
Speaking of Iraq, I have also about had it with people saying that the President is stupid on one hand and then saying we were fooled by the president. If you get fooled by a fool, aren't you more foolish than the fool? Stupid is as stupid does but sheesh, boys and girls Good Ol'e GW would have to get up pretty early to fool most of us. Now, that's not to say that MUD would have done business in Iraq differently. I would have made damn sure the current Government (Except Sadam) was in charge and maintaining law and order until things were allowed to change. Throwing out everyone was like throwing out the bathwater with the baby. Heck, wouldn't it be just the dangdest thing if it took a killer like Saddam to make things work there? Oh well, I'm not in charge so I won't kick my ball into that court. MUD, the Para-Sub.

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  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I totally agree with you Uncle MUD. Keep up the ranting I love it. Oh, congradulations on Sub-teaching.