People We Love

In our normal mail, we often get strange publications from a lot of different sources. The "International Institute for Christian Studies sent us their Fall 2006 flyer. Barb started to throw it away and I asked if that was the organization that Julie & Gerald are with? Inside we found their information in the section introducing new IICS staff.
I am sure that your are probably growing tired of hearing about our wonderful friends in Ifrane, Morocco. I couldn't be more proud if they were our family and not just truly our friends. Julie and Barbara started teaching together and they really grew close. If you were able to spend much time with them you would also grow to love them both as I have. Julie met and married Gerald and they have become like our children while they lived in Topeka. They started a family and they shared their children with us and we "doted" on them as if they were our grandchildren. Our Halloween treat was to go to their house and troop the neighborhood. We have watched Katrina and Kendra grow and have marveled at their intelligence and ability to laugh. It is so much like their parents to teach them school studies and a way to live with a smile. I'm sure that a lot of their life is filled with their faith and they can truly make a joyous noise.
I miss their giggles but am filled with the wartm feeling that they are living with two of the greatest people we have ever met.

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