Metrosexual, Ubersexual, Militarysexual?

I was reading a Blog and someone described the transition of Metrosexuals into Ubersexuals. I think I am comfortable with the term Old Retired Army Guy (ORAG and nom-de-plum I use like MUD) I think I am a Military Sexual. I like clean, shiny polished things, a good haircut and John Wayne Movies. I start out my day with clothes that are clean and neat but by the end of the day look like I have lost the battle.
I guess that as I approach 60 things like appearance just aren't as important to me.
I think it is important to not look like a three year old. You know, those unwashed hands, the uncombed hair and the fly that is always unzipped. I have had some of my students come to school wearing the same stained shirt they wore yesterday. I actually scrub their desks to help control some of the germs. This time of year a runny nose is the norm. "Please use a kleenex and then throw it away. Yes, pick it up off the floor and put it in the can. Now, go wash your hands, I can smell them from here."
God I love 'em but the more I am near them the less I want a hug.
Gotta Run. Write if you get work. MUD, aka ORAG

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  1. Uber, metro, bi, homo, anti, or striaght. I can't figure it out either.