Whew, a day off

This work stuff is like, well, you know -work! The school I was to go to called last night and said they didn't need me after all. This morning when they called to ask me to come in today, I was not available.
I am working on cars to make them run so I have a way to Kansas City on Saturday. Barb will need to take her car because she will have to be back in Topeka by 3 PM.
The weather here is glorious. It didn't get below 40 last night and will be in the 60's today. Great weather to work on a car. My back is acting up a little and I can't get under the dash near a quickly as I want.
I have been doing some small tasks for Barb and we hope to have the Christmas boxes sent out either tonight or in the morning.
Better go get some work done. Write if you get a chance. Dennis, MUD, AKA the Sub-Para, soon to be a real SUB.

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