I'm a Runnin'

Barb and I have been so upset with the local school board that I am going to run for the Board this year. I have until the 20th of Jan to register and the election is in February. I would take office in July so I could continue to substitute teach the rest of the year. I turn 60 this year so I will have my Military Retirement kick in starting in August. After that I won't need to work but might, just not in this district.
Yes, I know that I need to be careful what I ask for because I might get elected and have to work on Monday nights for a couple of years. Oh well, I'll work hard for the children and try to help make it a better place.
Yesterday I was looking at the 57 Chevy and realized that the dew dripping off the car just hadn't dried by the rear wheel. I also noticed the brake fluid level had dropped off in a big way. Yes, the rear wheel brake cylinder had just decided to give up and die. It turned out to be an easy fix but I also found that one of the brake shoes needs replaced and I should do it on both sides not just one so it will be a bigger deal (When I get around to it) For now the leak has stopped and the car stops so I will park it back in the garage for a while.
I am putting a new electric wiper motor on the 53 Pickup. I finally got so tired of trying to unhook the old one that I took my trusty little Drimmel with a cutting wheel and cut the bolts off. I fiddled with it for about an hour trying to fit it back on and finally quit. I'm sure that I will be able to get it working today. Good thing, it is going to rain the rest of the week.
It only got down to 40 last night. That is our normal day time high here in Kansas for December. It was in the 50's yesterday and will be again today. Great weather to be outside and working on a car. May even go for a ride this afternoon. I need to get a little exercise.
KU and K-State both have a game starting at 7 PM today. KU's game is Basketball and K-State is playing in some football bowl in Texas. They play Rutgers? I didn't know Rutgers even played football anymore.
OH well, Barb and I will watch basketball and look at updates.
Have a Happy New Year. MUD & Bobwa

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