Top 100 Catchphrases

Obviously I can't type all 100 in one setting but I will share with you TV Land's top 100 catch phrases over the next few blogs. For those of you that wouldn't notice, these will be in alphabetical order. If you need them by numerical order, go see TV Land on line.
  • "Aaay" - From Fonzie on Happy Days.
  • "And that's the way it is" by the Godfather of news - Walter Cronkite.
  • "Ask Not what your coutry can do for you, but what you can do for your country" Inaugural Speech of John F. Kennedy.
  • "Baby, you're the greatest" From The Honeymooners -Ralph Kramden played by Jackie Gleason)
  • "Bam" - Mr. Cooking himself, Emeril Lagassee on Emeril Live.
  • "Book 'em Danno" - Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0.
  • "Will ________, Come on Down!" Johnny Olson, the Price is Right"

The d-g's will be next time, I have a car to work on. Have fun out there and play nice.

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