It Arrived!

The Kansas State Board of Education finally sent me a copy of my license as an Emergency Substitute Teacher. I am now legal to substitute in a regular class room and as a substitute Para-Professional in the LD/BD or Interrelated Resource Classroom or Center. (IRC) The good news is I can make more money as a Teacher Sub but I'm not in this to get rich. The bad news is that I can stay busy full time as a Para-Sub. In fact I have only one day between now and the Christmas break that I haven't committed to. That one day I am on the hook to go help make frosting for one of the regular class room teachers. We'll see how it all works out. I need a haircut but it mak have to wait until some Saturday.
The good news is that Barbara and I compare notes and laugh at how similar the kids are no matter where they are. The funny story that Barbara uses is that Julie would say, "I smell something funny. Does someone need to wash their hands?" I have started using that and the kids just roll their eyes and go wash their hands. I also spend a few minutes at the start of the day to clean the desks of my students. They just don't realize how dirty their things get. It is amazing how many of them start to use Kleenex instead of their sleeves when you point ot the Kleenex box. Now both Barb and I are noticing the stalling tactics they use when they blow their noses. If you use Kleenex for a minute and then go wash your hands and then go throw the Kleenex away you can take almost three minutes out of a scheduled math session.
I hope you all can find ways to enjoy life and live to the fullest. Barb and I are both tired at the end of the day buy generally end the day with a kiss and a smile. MUD


  1. Family is one of the most precious we are given as human beings. You don't have to be related by blood to be family. Family grows in your heart. I love hearing about your 'grand daughters'.

  2. I thought I was posting to the previous entry...it makes more sense there. :-)

  3. Hey...I like your site. Very cool, Mr. MUD.