Man I hate getting Old (er)

This week I read that one of Mom's friends died. I helped her get flowers and took them to the Funeral home. Instead of the joy her life brought to everyone that really knew her, the family is split as to what to do with her estate. Is the world so crazy that people think a few dollars from some old lady are worth one moment of anything but joy for having known her? There were snide comments made about the fact that she had kids mentioned from her first marriage but there was no mention of him in the Obit. If you find yourself not liking Mom's Obit, know that she approved it herself.
I find myself having senior moments much more often lately. Perhaps it is that I am using my brain hard as a sub and have sat way too long idle and need to brush out the cobwebs. I went to the store yesterday and couldn't remember Sarah Sewell's first name. I see her at least twice a week and you would think I could remember the name of a beautiful young cousin. She is such a sweety and has a nice smile for us when she see's us. I know that it won't be all that long and I will be able to hide my own Easter eggs.
One of Barb's co-workers told Barb she was going to give us a Cockatiel. When we got there, she really gave us a pair. So now we have Angel and Chris Piper the birds. They chirp from time to time and throw seeds everywhere. The lady that gave them to us told us they eat a cup of seed each bird/day. No, they throw at least a cup of seed on the floor outside the cage and about 1/4 of a cup inside the cage and leave a bunch of empty seed debris in their food dish. I do see bird poop in the cage so I know they are eating. They also crap in their water dish - nasty buggers.
I haven't figured out what they do/are for yet so I will reserve judgment on that for now.
Barb is off today and I am not sure what is on her agenda - Yet. Hope she wants to read her books and relax. Happy New Year.

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