Great Weekend

I have been a little busy for the last couple of days and am sorry that I haven't posted more/sooner. We had a wonderful family gathering at Carrie Craig's house on Saturday and as usual she was a wonderful host. We had our usual soup lunch and white elephant swap. It was a great meal followed by a fun time. There were a couple of gifts that made the swap about each choice. I'm not sure if the wine, the penguin with the $20.00 gift certificate or Barb's lobster that drew the most comments. (Ok, I know most of the comments about that damn lobster came from me)
We had a nice visit with Becky as she stayed an extra day to help Mom shop for some things. She is always a fun visit and I'm sure that her family needs to break the dependence on her that they have. Man I would have shut off that darn cell phone and left it off for longer than she did. It rang and rang and rang. I know she makes a lot of her money working "on call" but shees, I wouldn't have one if it bothered me as much as her's does.
I tried to download the pictures this morning and again this evening. So far I have them still in the camera but not in the file where I want them.
The Hawks are playing some team tonight and it will be a short night as the ref's are sitting on their whistles to get the game over fast. Ku has played more players more minutes than a usual game. Some of the subs that never see much time are working on 10 minutes in the first 20 min half. it is 45 to 21 at half time.
I work Wednesday and Thursday and am then off until the 3rd of January. I will probably spent the entire time getting over the germs I have picked up this month.

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  1. I had a great time too. It was awesome visiting with you guys. Oh...gotta go...my cell phone is ringing.