Post Christmas Day Thoughts and Wishes

Yes, I got almost everything I wished and wanted for Christmas. There were some omissions such as World Peace and to win the lottery but I did get everything I wanted or needed. We were able to share our home with friends and family and had a group of 10 here to celebrate with.
Our new daughter, Melanie who is really a friend of Dave and Barbara, came over and added a lot of nice conversation to our group. I have my fingers crossed that the new possible job will be hers after the first of the year. She is one of those creative people that just works harder than the job and everyone loves her. Security Benefit Group here in Topeka is expanding and she is a part of that rare growth.
Barb N's nephews were a part of the festivities and man did they score from Santa. They had so many toys they couldn't play with them all. The solar car just didn't have enough solar power to run by the time we got it together. They are two of the nicest little guys and we love to have them here. The littlest one wore Dave out. Man is he going to be a good father if he doesn't get too old first.
It has been warming up during the day but the 20 degrees in the night has all the animals eating as much as they can to build body mass and keep warm. At first light the birds are working over the suet block and black oil sunflower seeds, hard. The dogs sit by the fence and bark wanting snacks and tidbits from our meals. Tiger the outside cat is off on his rounds early today and I don't have a clue where he is. He got the giblets from a 5lb chicken yesterday and left that damn dry food. He had been in a cat fight and had a few patches of fur that fell off when I petted him. He was not in a playful or petting mood yesterday and I haven't seen him yet today. I hope he comes back but I haven't invested much in his upkeep. A couple bags of the cheap cat food and compared to either dog, he is a bargain.
Barb and I are getting busy in life and have senior moments. We both need to have one of those signal devices that when you clap your hands it beeps. The problem is that we would need so many that the whole darn house would beep every time we clapped. Just a moment ago she was hunting for her shoes. I think she has hunted for those shoes at least twice and I think three times this week. Once she found them in the storage room where she got the Christmas Tree ornaments. How did they get there?
I am going to start a movement that outlaws the term "Whatever". I think it is passive aggressive and people use it when they don't want to make a decision. I will say where would you like to eat? "Whatever" as I start to Rosa's (Mexican) Barb will say oh no, it's too greasy. I will say pizza and she will say too fattening. McDonalds is out for anything but breakfast. So in the end we will wind up at Anny's Place eating a salad and air fries. She will say "Whatever" but means Anny's Place. Passive aggressive if I have ever visited the term. My student, Diamond B. (name changed to protect the guilty) will say "Whatever" but will add a hand waive. (generally with a set of hands that are so dirty I can smell them) We had a page of hard math or four pages of easy math. A "Whatever" and I gave him the tough stuff. After checking the first three and two of them were close but no cigar, he thought four pages of the easy stuff was the ticket.
The last day of school this year we had hamburgers for lunch. "D" thought it was neat to put all the Cheetos in the top bun and make a cheeseburger like arrangement. As he dripped ketchup and cheeto debris on his plate he just smiled and kept pounding more food in his mouth. To his benefit, he is like me and has a check mark for yes in the food column. So far I haven't found anything he doesn't like. For some kids on Meds that is hard but not for him.
Well, looks like Barb is about ready to go so I had better get my act together. I hope you Christmas was merry and that you new year find you prosperous. MUD

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  1. When I say, "Whatever," Kris always says, "Oh no...you pick where we eat, you are far more picky than me." So I do. But, sometimes I will pick a place that I know he likes and wanted to eat in the first place, just to be nice. But, don't tell him. *winks*