Cold Morning in Kansas!

Good Morning Sports Fans. Oh wait a minute, did you see the steroid report and no longer believe in sports? What does anyone expect from professional athletes? Don't you think that professional racers put the biggest motors in their cars? Why wouldn't professional athletes not take steroids when they were legal? Wait, Wait, I really hate the game of Baseball anyway so what the heck, Bulk up boys, we'll pretend not to notice that you have a 68 inch chest and a size 20 neck.
Yesterday the temperature got to the mid 30's and we had rain for about two hours. Not liquid falling from the sky, but ice falling from all the trees, power lines and roofs. We have almost as many branches on the ground as still on the trees in Kansas. The power is flickering on and off as the branches move the lines back and forth. I can't imagine how dangerous it is for the workers to be right in the middle of replacing a line and for it to become hot because of movement of a line down the line.
I hope that those of you that use generators remember to disable your connection to the main line if you use a generator. Your little 5000 watt generator can make it a bad day for the linemen.
Speaking of power, this power problem makes me want to work hard to get off the grid for our main power. A combination of solar, passive and wind power is needed and I am not sure what to do first but I will work on a plan. Most of the plans I have seen recommend that we build a power building away from the House and do whatever it is we do there. With the trees in the woods it is probably best to build something in the field anyway. I want a demonstration straw bale barn anyway so perhaps I'll start there next summer. Whatever it is I'm sure that Barb will want it to like like a barn on the outside no matter what it does inside.

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