Sticks and Stones

Here are some of the new loaded terms that everyone is using to impress us with their intelligence:
  • CAVE - Citizens Against Virtually Everything. This is the backlash of citizens against governments spending sprees. Our local school district passed a 24 million bond effort last year and we don't have enough Elementary School class room space. I am a CAVE man that will run again for school Board only this time I won't leave my gloves on and play nice.
  • NIMBY - Not In My Backyard. This is the environmental "CAVE"men". They don't want to pay $150.00 a barrel for oil but they won't let us drill for oil in Alaska, off the coast of California or in the Gulf of Mexico. They know we are horribly linked to fossil fuels and yet demand we reduce our Carbon Footprint. They pass ordinances against solar panels in housing areas because they are ugly. If I hear one of those pointy headed geeks say windmills are ugly one more time I'll scream. One of the most majestic things I have ever seen is the graceful windmills across the skyline in Wyoming generating thousands of Kilowatts of power for the Big Sky State.

  • STAGFLATION - The economy is not growing and yet there is an increase in inflation. Duh, with the cost of filling up our gas tank at over $40.00 (Barb has a little tank) it should not surprise people that most of us are going to spend a little less for Christmas this year. Hell, I got our IRA certificates renewed at over 4% for the first time in years. Hang on boys and girls.
  • NRA. Never Re-elect Anyone. Hell, this is my term and I approve of it. I think the US Congress in both houses have filled up with people that have forgotten that it is our money not theirs they are spending. When a Senator comes up with a $2 million grant for a Woodstock museum they should be exposed for spending wily nilly. We have senators that have spent the past year and will spend all of next year trying to win the Presidency. They sure as hell aren't doing us a whole lot of good in congress. Wait, they probably aren't doing much harm by being gone. Let me think about this.
  • Liberals/Conservatives/Progressives and Regressives. Most of us are so complex that one label isn't enough. I tend to be a fiscal conservative but I advocate change in a managed manner. Without change we would stagnate but changing for the sake of changing is stupid. I do think that people are resilient and with half an ounce of push they will take care of themselves better than our government can. The free market will adjust lot better than the halls of congress could ever move. Could we have better government? Damn Straight, we just haven't found the right guy yet. Then we need to not re-elect that guy the next time.
  • Geeks - I am not sure what this name is from, only that someone applied it to the people that are one step away from what is normal. Who the hell is to decide what is Normal? We need to celebrate The Bill Gates of the world. Those guys that made Apple computers into a household name. (Jobe & whoever?) I think some of the neatest people I have met are those slightly quirky kids that my son and his wife have brought over. Techies, geeks and nerds are a flavor to be celebrated not scorned.
Those are just a few of the terms and things that were discussed this morning at my breakfast table. I am glad that we have a newspaper to cause us to challenge our thinking. OH by the way, our Attorney General resigned over a "Sex Scandal". Where the hell did they decide that it should be called that?
MUD - Mean Uncle Denny :)

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