Some of the People we Love

This is my sister Carol. We had our annual bash at her house this year. Anyone that didn't have a good time was just grumpy. You should have been there when Alan (Carol's Husband) showed up with a Bullshit Detector. I was deaf most of the rest of the day.

This is My mother with Jennifer, Carol's oldest daughter. Can you see the love in the eyes of these two?

This great couple is my cousin Robin and her husband Greg. Can you tell she's in love with that big ole' Okie? He is a great guy with almost as many funny stories as I have.

This lovely pair is my niece Becky and her co-writer friend Laurie. If they are slightly out of focus, they were in a hurry to leave and go shopping. I'm sure there is a pair of shoes out there saying "Buy me Beck, Buy me!"

If your picture isn't here, it is because we did get to see you lately. I will try to steal one or two more from a Blog site but most of these are taken with our D-70 Nikon by Barbara. I am out of time this time so I'll cut it off here and do more later.

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