Holy Snow Batman!

Did I mention that we are at 16.5 inches of snow for the month of December of 2007? That just happens to be 2 inches shy of an all time record. I'll bet it is related to global warming bringing the cold and moisture to Kansas. Someone call Al and tell him to send $ from his Nobel Prize. There are light flurries predicted between now and midnight Monday but the record will probably hold for another, more snowy time.
Even the outside cat tricked his way into the garage this morning so it cold, cold and more cold. With the sunshinning it is not predicted to get much above freezing today. I noticed thast when we were in Tulsa it was going to be about 40 today and almost 50 Sunday. What that means is that the warm air from the gulf is going to come here and colide with a cold front Monday. We'll see what those light flurries do to the record.


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Global Warming theory: Global Warming melts the ice caps putting excess moister in the air and seas which then evaporates and turns into extreme rainfalls in summer and extreme snowfalls in the winter. This is what is causing flooding all over the World. Ray

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Al is right, he should keep the Nobel Prize & money.