Got Hit Today

It started snowing about 8 AM and I needed to go over to the house on Valley Brooke and fix the front door. On the way there a car either slid into the intersection or didn't see me and drove into the intersection. He hit the side of my 53 Chevy truck on the right front fender, beat in the door and ripped the bottom corner of the cab open and hit the right rear fender. It is drivable but even more ugly than it was. The Police said that because they were flooded with accident calls they weren't going to come and take a report. We exchanged information and I will file a report as soon as it stops snowing and I can get to the Police station.
I told Barb to remind me to stay home next time. Trucks aren't the best vehicle to drive when the roads are slick. This looks a lot like the other side did when I got it from Idaho. At least the door opens, even if I have to tie it shut with a bungee cord. Oh well, another project for spring.

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  1. Damn! Sucks about your truck. I guess you guys were hit with a bunch of snow like we were last weekend. TOO.MUCH.SNOW!!!!
    Hope all is well with ya, haven't been to your blog in what seems like forever. I can actually say the same about mine. Got a new laptop, I should put it to use this winter!