Kansas Hat Travels

During the White Elephant Gift Exchange it is normal for someone to smuggle in a gift that has not been recycled and many people want. When it is their turn to select a gift each person ahs the choice of an earlier already opened gift or a new wrapped package. This year I think Asas Bob or Bob as he is now known brought a hat in a Walmart Sack. It went around the room several times like the bottle of wine and a silly cat picture. The first person to select the hat was my sister Myrna.I'm not sure these pictures are in order but somewhere in the process, Joe wore it for a while

Our KU Graduate Jennifer could not pass up a chance to wear it for a while.

It finally went home with Chris or Josh (?) He is a new member of the family and I have trouble remembering his name. He is Sue's son. (Not Myrna Sue but the other Sue)

I think we tried to draw names at one time but soon realized that as far apart as we are if is hard to know what someone else likes. This White elephant gift exchange is always good for a laugh. After this exchange there is always a pile of paperbacks that gets exchanged. Being last of the list from Barbara's family to get the books from out west we always have a nice little selection of books with the names of her family members written in the overleaf.
I hope your Christmas was a much fun as ours was this year. I further hope that these pictures brought a little joy as Barb tried to capture to fun. This is as close to Merry as we can get in the term Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hmmm...someone needs to get you one of those purty purple people hats. I don't think Jayhawk blue is your color:oP