Merry Christmas!

Things here at Rabbit Run Farm are fairly typical of most Christmases. My mother is here from Tulsa and we have a 10:15 appointment with the heart doctor. Barb is having a problem with her eye and she has a 9:15 appointment with her Optometrist. Me, I'm just going to hell in a hand basket and there isn't anything a Doctor could do.
The other day a 30 year old woman called into one of the radio financial talk programs and wondered why anyone would want to retire. All she had to do was ask anyone over 60 why they would want to avoid high stress jobs and the aggravation of getting out in traffic in bad weather and she would have her answer.
I hear thumping overhead so I'd better go see what help Mom needs to get her ready.
Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all...

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