Global Warming

If both sides of the argument line up their experts and debate the issue all you have is a bunch of educated assholes with fancy degrees lined up. I am sure that having lived outside for most of a year (1968) and having lived close to nature and its obvious vagaries here in Kansas I am able to speculate as well as the next guy. Every Asshole should have an opinion and here are mine;
  • First, I think the average temperature goes up in the summer and down in the winter. Cows put as much carbon in the air as do cars (Look up the chemical components of Methane). As for the polar caps melting and causing rain, go out in the next rain storm and tell me it is warmer when it is raining than when it is not. The clouds block the sunlight and while it does hold in what heat is available the blocking of the sun cools the earth, not to mention the evaporation of water cooling effects. The coolest time on record was when an asteroid hit the earth and covered the earth in a cloud cover. Go to Southeast Asia during the monsoon season and see what it is like. I will promise you that without all the clouds summertime in SE Asia would roast your butt off. (Not that it didn't give me prickly heat a time or two). If it is melting the polar ice caps and we are getting more rain, how do you explain the fact that all over the west the forests are burning hotter because they forests are drier? How can Hotlanta (Atlanta, GA) be so dry that Lake Lanier, home of the 1997 Olympics rowing is damn near dry?
  • Second, The sun is expanding each year a minute amount and will continue to do so until it eventually goes super-nova and explodes somewhere way, waaaay out in the future. The good news boys and girls is that it is a long time until that will happen and by that time most of us will be so long gone that it won't matter.
Talking about the weather is almost a futile effort as I'm sure that as I sit here there are enough people with lots of education and perhaps more common sense that will take the other side. For every example there are hundreds of examples of things just the opposite. Have an opinion, and have a great day. I will wear my coat when I go out because Global Warming hasn't warmed it up here enough to notice. MUD

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