More Christmas Pics

This is our son Dave and his wife's best Friend Mel as they open their gift from Barbara N. They are both from the Star Wars generation and got little stuffed Yota's.

This is Mel with her singing dog. He was a one hit wonder as he only knew one song. Hey, for 10 bucks what do you expect?

Barbara asked for a hubcap for her car and I put this cookie dish in a sack and was she surprised when it wasn't a hub cap. The hub cap is on her car.

This is Dave's Wife Barbara N. Petty and her frogger socks. She loves frogs and Dave got her a nice cute pair of foggy socks. OK, I didn't pay attention enough and the socks were from my wife Barb and not Dave. She expects me to tell the truth when I am making stuff up to tell you.

This old fart is me sideways. I can't go straight from the card to my blog site if the pictures are sideways and I'm always too much in a hurry to go out and straighten them right side up.
This is my sister Myrna Sue and the KU hat that went around at least once. I think there is a picture of 4 or 5 people wearing it while they owned it during the white elephant gift exchange.
I hope your Christmas was as fun as ours and that you got to share a lot with all the members of your family. I actually picked out a present when we were shopping earlier and forgot it by the time we opened presents. It is one of those palm sized STODUKU electronic machines that has a million games stored in it. I got a jar of Hershey's kisses and Pistachios and a KU Orange Bowl Shirt. Oh, I also got a pair of new blue jeans because it embarasses Barb to go with me when all my jeans look so dirty. Merry Christmas to you.

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