Good Food Cheap

Yesterday I made a dog food run to WalMart and while there I went through the Grocery Store portion of the Super Center. I found some noodles that were "Alfredo" style that were about .66. I asked myself what I could do to jazz them up and as I passed the meat section, I found some 'Southwestern Chicken Strips". The package was 2 for $5.00 so I bought one. Over near the ice cream (one of the major reasons I was in the frozen food aisle.) there were some Green Giant frozen vegs in a bag marked "Steam in the bag". They were $1.24 Lets see, $ .66 + 2.50 + 1.24 = $4.40 for a nice little dinner for two. Not only cheap, it was a darn good meal. I would highly recommend the Green Giant vegetables and the chicken strips were pretty darned tasty. I'm real sure this meal would have fed three people and with another bag of the Alfredo noodles it would have for four. That would have taken the meal cost up to about $5.00.
I went to our local Ace Hardware store and bought Barb a Christmas Tree. I sure hope that sucker thaws out and takes a normal shape now that it is on the house. It was in that netting and it looks like a trash sack full of evergreen. Barb won't be home for a couple of hours so perhaps it will be more normal by the time she sees it. If not, I'll have to start over. The trees here at Rabbit Run have just grown too big to use so it is the bought kind for a couple of years until I get some new trees growing.

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