Cool Weather

This morning I went out to gather in the paper and it was only 51 degrees. I was wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and sandals with no socks. Not near enough clothes. Throw in the heavy dew on the paper and it was darn near cold. It was lovely after a summer of 100 degree heat like we had as a kid.

Back when I (with the help of Kenny) put the new rack and pinion steering and disk brakes on the 53 Chevy pick-up, I bought a kit from one of the stores that brags about their mustang front ends for hot rods. There was only one problem with my kit. It was out of a 75 mustang that probably weighed in about what the front end of the Chevy weighed. Throw in a 350 engine, a 700-R transmission and the springs were just not enough to support the weight. It did look kind of cool lowered but after a short while, one side got lower and lower and lower until it drove down the road looking like a punch drunk fighter. I bought the replacement springs and in short order, the front looked goofy again. I searched for an answer and finally one of the guys at an Auto Parts house said how about using the springs out of the V-8 model and for the heaviest Mustang, the convertible. I ordered a set and it set up pretty on the right side. Yesterday I had to replace the left spring to make it all even. It now sits up pretty as a pup and I have an appointment to have the front end aligned next week. It took me most of two days to do the right side and a little over two hours to do the left side. Sure would hate to make a living doing that.

We have a glut of Asian Pears here at Rabbit Run. Barbara mentioned that on the net and we got an order from New York and Morocco. As both wanted them delivered, that is fairly out of the question. Now, if San Antonio were to speak up, I might be convinced to head that way. I'm sure that we would have to make a trip through Tulsa to meet Rick's new Great-Grand Son, Dexter Thompson. It is Mel's first and she is a proud parent if there ever was one.

Oh well, life's short and I have places to go , things to do and people to see...


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