Zion Pictures

OK, the Deer was Barb's picture. She was at the right place with the right lens and did a great job.

The following pictures don't do justice to the magnificent views here in Zion National Park. They are a taste and imagine that you could turn in any direction and take a great picture here.
This is a Kansas Sky that formed in Utah.
What Kansas Kid could resist this sky

Virgin River Waterfall

Nuts, they have them here too, Bushy Tailed rodents

MUD & Barb on the river
Yesterday we walked 7.5 miles in the canyon and my feet, legs and mind are worn out. I have exactly 2 hours to take a nap and go to our next class. They say the river is called the virgin river because it runs just fast enough.
More tomorrow...


  1. Woo hoo! Where's my trophy?

    Ewww, roof rabbits.

  2. "They say the river is called the virgin river because it runs just fast enough."


    Oh man...I never heard that one before. Pam and I went to Zion, Canyonlands, and The Arches about 16 years ago when we were living right across the Utah line near Durango, Colorado.

    Man, what beautiful, and mystifying country it is. Glad you and Barb are soaking in the glory of it all.

    Thanks for the updates, MUD.

    By the way...I figured Barb took the deer picture. I didn't figure venison would approach a griller.

    Just sayin'...