I have told the tale of how impressed with Barb's seeming ability to manage as one of the reasons I asked her to marry me as I went off to Vietnam. I repeated that yesterday at the breakfast table she said, "Nice Try but you really just liked my cute butt." Correction noted...

I find it noteworthy that tales well told in a repeated manner become more factual based on the time passing since the event and number of times the tale is told. It is not a "damned bold face lie", just an enhanced version embellished to make it more fun.

I'm sure that many tales told by the older set are based on facts without the benefit of a fact checker (Unless they are married to Barb). Most of the time she will let minor alterations slip by but alone, she will edit the story back to the base facts. Mostly when we are alone, to spare me embarrassment.

Oh well, lots to do today so I'll move on.


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  1. Hey MUD! You made me chuckle this morning, Pal. Ain't it the truth! I know exactly of what you speak.

    I've been reading daily and enjoying, but haven't commented much lately...been real busy. I had to drop a comment on this one.

    Your Barb is much like my Pam...cute butt and all. (wink)

    I see your 'Hawks put it on them stinkin' engineers. Good on y'all!