Say What?

Did you hear the rumor that KU won? Nah after getting their butts kicked last week, it 'Tain't possible is it? I have said that Turner Gill is a great guy and will be a great coach over and over. Good On him! The rest of the team didn't do a bad job either.

The Topeka paper put the story about the Westborough Baptist Church burning a Koran on the front page and then reported that it wasn't much of a story. If something is hardly worth reporting and that paper runs it on the front page does that mean the paper is hardly worth reading? I have been a fan of newspapers all of my life and that allure is fading fast. I have stopped watching the news on TV and soon may give up the paper.

Dave had been having a problem with the driver's side brakes on his car. Seems like we have redone that side twice and both times the pad was worn down to the rotor. So far, we have replaced the caliper, flexible brake line and the pads and rotors twice. Anyone got any ideas?

Sometime today I am going out to work on the dog pen. That big old stupid dog has so much fur that the electric fence doesn't seem to keep him in very well. I guess I am going to go back to Hard wire not that electrical horse tape.

This morning I read that there is a component in happiness that includes money. The funny part is that it said that if the family income is under $75,000 money is a dissatisfier and makes people unhappy and stressed. Above $75,000, additional money doesn't make you happy, it only makes you less unhappy. That reminds me of a leadership lesson I once shared with a General when he made a stupid remark. He said that soldiers were made happy by having nice looking mess halls. His quote was, "Soldiers eat with their eyes and that motivates them". I called BS on that and referrred him to the FM on Leadership that made the point that bad food was a dissatisfier and good food wasn't a motivator. The things that motivate soldiers are the common things like recognition, clear goals and a sense of belonging. I guess that's a lot like the money thing. If you can self recognize your successes, reward yourself and feel like a part of the rest of the people you might be on your way to finding happiness.


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  1. Question, does Dave's car pull to the left when the brake is applied all the time, even after replacing the left brake pads and parts and is the problem only in the front and not involving the rear brake? A thought came to mind that maybe you are not fixing the total problem and not correcting the right side brake that is the one causing the problem with the left brake. If the answer to these questions is yes to all, then go to the right side and replace the flexible hose. If that hose is blocked then all the braking effort is transfered to the left side only. If the answer to original question is no, then give more details as to the total problem. Ray